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The Timeline block on the My FLO homepage shows students the upcoming due dates of the most common FLO activities for the topics they are enrolled in. Students can also use the timeline to jump into activities in FLO sites.

Staff will see activities that have specific dates for them, for example, when a 'remind me to grade by' date is set for an assignment.

The timeline can be sorted in either date or topic order and can show dates between 7 days and 6 months ahead.

For the most common activities in your topics (e.g. assignments, quizzes, feedback, forums, etc) the block will show students the due date you have set in the activity's settings. Some activities (e.g. self and peer assessment, chat) also have additional options and settings for displaying dates in the timeline.

When using topic completion, any Expect completed on dates will also show in a student's timeline:

  • This can be used to add due dates to the timeline (in addition to its intended purpose) when the activity does not have one
  • If an activity does have a due date, students will get two sets of dates.

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