FLO interface - Key features

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There are two main page views you will encounter in FLO: My FLO, and individual Topic pages.


My FLO has several main navigation areas: (see image below)

  1. Quicklinks - From here you can access the Library homepage, Student Portal, FLO Support resources or you can click on Topic Search to search for your topic.
  2. Navigation menu - Here you can access your My Media, Calendar, and all your topics.
  3. My Topics Overview - A list of all of your topics.
  4. Timeline block – Provides an overview of deadlines. Deadlines may be sorted by due dates (1) or by dates or topics (2).


Navigating within any topic can be done in a number of ways:

  1. Breadcrumb trail - This breadcrumb trail appears on every page. Click on the links to navigate backwards toward the topic home page or your Dashboard.
  2. Navigation menu- From here you can navigate to your other topics as well as to the topic Calendar. It also displays links to the Participants list, Grades, Media Vault etc.
  3. Specific topic activities and resources - Click on any specific activity or resource to open it.
  4. Quick Back to Top button – Click to quickly navigate back to the top of the page, instead of scrolling up.
  5. Topic blocks - links to standardised topic information, activities, contact details, due dates, grades, etc.

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