Upload banner to FLO site

Whether you are starting from scratch or working with an existing site, using a banner transforms your site and makes it instantly recognisable.

1. Plan  |  2. Build  |  3. Test  |  4. Review  || Support

A banner is designed to give a face to your site and make it recognisable to your students. The banner is visible on top of the site, as well as on the topic 'card' on the My FLO page.

1. Plan

It is advised that you have a process for creating your banner. Decide what elements, colours, image(s) you need and discuss your requirements with your local eLearning team. Either you can design the banner image or we can assist you.

A FLO banner has certain guidelines:

  • Needs to be 1920px (width) x 850px (height)
  • Banner images are not cropped as much in site card view as in site banner view. Outlier elements can be included in the site card view.
  • Banner images are cropped in site banner view. Keep important elements visible within the center 200px.
  • Do not use text as it can be overlaid by other elements such the site name and code.
  • Check to see if the banner conveys its meaning in both formats; i.e. site summary card view and site banner view.
  • Use your own photos or one that you have permission to use – don’t copy from a website without permission. Free images can be sourced from Pexels, Unsplash, or Pixabay
Banner guidelines

For instructions on how to make a banner, view our guide on designing a banner for your FLO site (your local eLearning team can also make a banner for you).

2. Build

You will need a sandpit to upload and test the banner on. If you don't already have a sandpit, please contact your local eLearning team.

Upload the banner to your sandpit

  1. Open your sandpit and, click Topic ManagementTopic Management in the top menu (note: you must be on the home page of your sandpit)

  2. Click on the cog in the top right corner, then click Edit settings
    The cog is in the top right corner. 'Edit settings' is the first item in the menu.

  3. Drag and drop your image to upload
    Topic banner upload
  4. Click Save and display

  5. Check to see if the banner displays properly, both as the site banner as well as the site card image on My FLO page. Tweak the image if certain parts aren't showing or you need something highlighted.

3. Test

Ask your colleagues or the eLearning support team to check the set up of your banner. Once you are satisfied with the banner in all formats, please contact your local eLearning team to upload the banner from your sandpit to your topic.

4. Review

How does it look? What did students think? These types of questions can help you refine the banner. Please contact your local eLearning team for assistance.

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