Assignment - build and edit a rubric for online marking (advanced grading)

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You can design and use rubrics to mark assignments online. 

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Build a rubric

  1. Before you can build a rubric, you need to set up the assignment for online marking using a rubric

  2. Give your rubric a name (required) and a description (optional)
    name and description

  3. Add criterion in the Click to edit criterion area
    Add criterion

  4. Add performance standards in the Click to edit level areas
    add performance standard

  5. To add more performance standards, click the Add level button
    add more performance standards

  6. Add marks per performance standard – click the points areas
    add marks per performance standard

  7. To add extra criterion, click the Add criterion button
    Add criterion button

  8. Move your criterion up and down using the arrows, or delete (x). You can copy a criterion (with performance standard and marks) via the duplicate icon – the copy will appear at the end of the list
    move and duplicate criterion

  9. Select options for your rubric
    Rubric options

  10. Click the Save rubric and make it ready button

Edit a rubric

  1. To edit a rubric (prior to opening the assignment for submissions), click Advanced grading in the Administration menu (only visible if you are in the Assignment activity)
    advanced grading menu

  2. On the Advanced grading page, click Edit the current form definition
    edit the current form definition

  3. Once you have finished making changes, click the Save button

Student view

Students can view the rubric (Grading criteria) before they submit their assignment on the Submission status screen:

student view of rubric

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