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Anonymous submissions hide the identity of students from markers. When marking, instead of student names, markers will see a randomly generated participant number.

It is important to be aware of the following when using anonymous submissions:

  • You will need to advise students not to include their name in the file name or within the file as FLO is unable to remove this identifying information
  • Providing assignment extensions, due to the hidden nature of student identification, can be tricky
  • Anonymous submissions cannot be enabled once submissions have been made

Consult your eLearning support team before using anonymous submissions.

Create an assignment with anonymous submissions

Create an assignment (for file submissions) and make the following adjustments to the settings.

Grade settings

Scroll down to Anonymous submissions and change to Yes.

The anonymous submissions setting

Note: Topic coordinators and teachers in FLO can reveal student identities, but once this is done the assignment cannot be made anonymous again.

Marking an anonymous submission

When the teaching team mark the assignment, students' names will be obscured. Each submission will be identified by a unique Participant number, for example:

Participant number

Once marking is complete, the topic coordinator (or teacher) must release the grades into the gradebook. Students will not be able to access marks and feedback until this has been done.

  1. Using the Grading action menu to Reveal student identities. Note: This action cannot be undone.
    blind marking reveal student identities

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