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Online text assignments allow students to type their assignment directly into a text box in FLO. Online text assignments are good for assignments with small word counts or for short-answer responses. It should be noted that the text entered by students is stored in FLO and cannot be downloaded.

Create an online text assignment

Create an assignment (for file submissions) and make the following adjustments to the settings.

Submission types settings

Untick File submissions (the default setting) and tick Online text:

enable online text

Note: If you want to provide students with a choice, or if the assignment requires both types of submissions, you can tick both File submissions and Online text. Students can then upload a file(s) and/or type directly into the online text box.

With the Online text option, you can set a Word limit (tick to enable) – a warning will display to students if they exceed the set word limit at the time of submission:

enable word limit

Feedback types settings

Set Comment inline to Yes to annotate the text the student has submitted. This will copy the submitted text into the Feedback comments box, where you can use different font, colours etc to show your mark up.

comment inline setting

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