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The assignment tool in FLO can be used to deliver take-home exams. In this format, students get access to the exam question/topic at a particular time, then need to submit (either by uploading a file or by typing text directly into FLO) by the due date.

Good practice guides and tip sheets

Good practice guides and tip sheets have been developed to support quality in both curriculum design and teaching practice. Good practice guides provide a pedagogical overview and tip sheets provide you with practical strategies and ideas for implementation. Links to resources that relate to take-home exams are provided below. 

Appropriate use of exams


Create an assignment as a take-home exam

Create an assignment (for file submissions) and make the following adjustments to the settings:

General settings

Enter the instructions for the exam in the Description box and include any additional files if required.

take-home exam general settings


Set the Allow submissions from date/time – this is when the exam instructions will be released to students.

Note: The Always show description box should not be ticked – this will ensure that the instructions to students only display after the Allow submissions from date/time.

Remember to set the Due date and the Cut-off date as usual (see Cut-off date/time setting additional information below).

take-home exam availability settings

Timeline block:
  • The Due date will show to students in the Timeline block, marked as 'due'
  • Dates added using completion tracking show to students in the Timeline block, marked as 'should be completed'
  • User override dates show to students in the Timeline block, marked as 'override' 
  • Group override dates don't currently show to students

Cut-off date/time setting

If the Cut-off date is not enabled, late submission (after the Due date) is possible.

The images above depict a scenario where students are provided with the exam instructions 2 days before the Due date. The instructions in the assignment description state that ‘late submissions will not be accepted’, so the Cut-off date is the same as the Due date.

For an exam that has a strict time limit (for example, a 3-hour exam), ensure the Cut-off date is set to at least 15 minutes after the Due date to allow for last-minute technical issues. If students submit after the Due date but before the Cut-off date, their exam will be accepted but will be recorded in FLO as being late.

Student view

This is how the assignment displays to students before the Allow submissions from date/time:

take-home exam student view

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