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If you want to add questions from a text file rather than creating them in the question bank (this can save time), see Import questions (multiple choice in a text file). Contact your eLearning support team if you need assistance with this process.

Previewing your quiz

Testing your quiz and all its questions is vital as some things cannot be fixed once a quiz is open to students. Whenever possible have a colleague review your quiz questions, as ambiguous questions and errors in a quiz cause students stress and frustration.

When you have finished adding questions, remember to preview the quiz. Click the Actions menu cog, then Preview.

preview the quiz

Previewing a quiz allows you to see how it is working, and what students will experience. You can answer the questions, submit the preview and view how the quiz will be marked and how feedback will be provided. The quiz can be previewed as often as required regardless of availability and attempt settings.

While previewing you can fix any errors by clicking on the Edit question link (opens the question in a new window). Once saved, you will return to your quiz preview.

After you click Finish attempt ..., Submit all and finish and then confirm (Submit all and finish again) of your preview, you are shown the review screen which, depending on the quiz settings, students will see after their quiz. 

You can also correct errors with Edit question and you will be returned to the review page after saving. By default, the review page will display all questions and feedback on a single page. There is an option to Show one page at a time

Tip: You could print the review page showing all questions and share with a colleague for proofing.

Note: The review page for a quiz preview respect the Review options settings for a quiz. So, if your settings are to show feedback after the quiz closes, you may need to temporarily change settings while you run the quiz preview. Don't forget to revert those settings once your previewing and testing is complete.

Previewing quizzes with random questions

When your quiz has a set of random questions from a category, it is hard to check all questions during quiz preview. Every time you preview the quiz you get different questions, just like a student would, making it almost impossible to ensure you check every question.

There are two ways to test quizzes with random questions. Option A is easier when there are fewer questions to check, or when you need to check specific feedback. Option B is easier when there are a lot of questions, or if you want to print the questions for a colleague to review.

Option A
  1. Go to your quiz and choose Edit quiz from the Actions menu cog.

  2. Click on the See questions link. This takes you to the category holding the question in the question bank (the category name is in brackets on the Edit quiz page).
    The 'see questions' link is immediately after the category name

  3. Choose Preview from the Edit drop-down menu for each question to preview and check.
    The magnifying glass icon is the third icon after the question name

  4. If you need to make changes to a question, close the preview window and choose Edit question from the Edit drop-down menu.

Option B
  1. Create a new quiz. This quiz will be for your purposes only, so keep it hidden from students.

  2. As you are only previewing the quiz, most of the settings can be ignored. There is one however that must be altered. Open the Review options section and under Immediately after the attempt tick the box labelled Right answer.

  3. Add all questions from the category or categories that hold the random questions. Click the Add link, then + from question bank 
    Add questions from question bank

    (Tip: If your questions are arranged in subcategories, tick the option to Also show questions from subcategories. This will allow you to select all questions at once)
    'also show questions from subcategories' is directly under the 'search options' link

  4. If you are planning to print your quiz, make sure you put all the questions on one web page (as opposed to one question on every page)

  5. Preview the quiz. Click the Actions menu cog, choose Preview

  6. Go straight to Finish attempt and then confirm submission (no need to answer questions)
    The 'finish attempt' link is in a box in the right hand side of the screen, or on smaller screens, at the bottom of the page

  7. Review the attempt

  8. All questions will be list on a single page and the designated correct answer will display below each question. If your quiz has more than 50 questions, the review will have 1 question per page by default. Use the link in the quiz navigation to display all questions on a single page 
    Quiz navigation showing link to display all questions on one page     

  9. Print the page to allow thorough checking (print to paper or to PDF).  Consider sharing with a colleague (optional).

Note: Depending on the numbers of questions in your random category/categories and your needs, you may want to create a temporary quiz for each of your categories of random questions.

Note: This procedure won’t let you check specific feedback, but does allow you to see all questions at once, check what is defined as the correct answer and general feedback for questions.

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