Introduction to FLO interface

This is a brief introduction to the FLO interface.

A link to the FLO log in page can found in the Quick links menu found in the top banner of the University website.  
Otherwise, type in to your address bar, this will redirect you to OKTA to sign in, once signed in it will direct you to FLO.
quick links

When you are successfully logged in to FLO, you will see your name in the top right hand corner of the screen
you are logged in

When you first log in to FLO, you will be presented with the My FLO homepage.  The My FLO page lists every topic you have a role in.  Your topics are arranged into tabs by year, with one additional 'other' tab for topics not associated with a particular year.  
topic year and 'other' tabs 
The standard layout of FLO consists of blocks right of the screen, with content on the left.  A block is a widget that can provide a link to a feature, or can aggregate content from different areas of the site.  Blocks available from the My FLO page include the Navigation and Administration tabs (at the top), with blocks that can link you to other University systems, email, calendar, and messaging on the right.
FLO Layout 
Your My FLO page is customisable.  Please see the following pages for more information;

You can always return to the My FLO page by clicking the link in the Navigation block or in your topic breadcrumbs
return to the my FLO page

Enter your topic by clicking on the topic name in your My Topics list, or by navigating to it via the Navigation block
Enter your topic
The standard layout for each topic consists of blocks to the left and right hand side of the page, with content (modules) in the centre.  The Navigation and Settings blocks will again appear to the left of your screen, while the blocks to your right will now be topic specific blocks. 

To edit or add content to your topic, select the Turn editing on button.  Alternatively, select Turn editing on in the Administration block
turn editing on
turn editing on from the administration block
With Turn editing on enabled, you will see editing options beside each activity or resource and the Add an activity or resource button will appear in each module.
edit functions in a module  
You will also be able to move content  move icon and add new blocks    add a block
When you have finished editing, ensure that you Turn editing off   turn editing off

To log out of FLO, click log out beside your name at the top right of the screen
log out

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