Enable completion tracking

Completion tracking is a topic-wide setting that allows you select a 'completion' option for the items in your site. When completion tracking is turned on, you have the option to activate it for the activity or tool. Even with completion tracking turned on, items have it set to off, so you have to manually enable it for each item where it makes sense to do so.

If you do choose completion tracking for an item, you will be prompted to choose whether:

  • students can manually mark the activity as complete (students see a box to tick when they have finished with that item)
  • show activity as complete when conditions are met (select conditions and dates that apply)

Activity completion can also be used to trigger the reveal of new items when the conditions are met. Contact your eLearning support team if you are unsure how to administer this.

Example: Students are required to post into a forum, and to comment on someone else's post, within a certain timeframe (conditional)

Set up activity completion in the topic

Enable completion tracking options for the topic

  1. In the Administration block, select 'Edit settings'
    In the administration - select 'edit settings'
  2. Scroll down to 'Completion tracking' and select enable 'yes'
    enable completion tracking

Select completion tracking for the FLO item (activity or resource)

  1. Add the activity or resource by clicking on the link in the module:Add an activity or resource linkor edit an existing activity
  2. Scroll down to Activity completion
  3. Select manual or conditional from the drop-down menu 
    select from the drop-down menu
  4. If conditional, set conditions and dates (if applicable) 
    Set conditions
  5. Save 

Select activities/resources for completion tracking

You are unlikely to want all items in your FLO site to have completion tracking set up, as this may include labels that are headings, or resources that are optional. You can bulk edit activity completion, which fast tracks the selection process.

  1. Set up activity completion for the topic (instructions above)

  2. In your topic homepage, under the Administration tab, select Topic completion

  3. In the next screen, click on the tab Bulk edit activity completion
    bulk edit activity completion

  4. Select the activities/resources you want to edit, and click on the Edit button. In the next screen, choose options, and if relevant, a completion date
    completion tracking option and date

  5. Click Save changes

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