Add multimedia (lecture recordings and other topic media)

Links to your lecture recordings will automatically be published to FLO. However, you can manually add links to lecture recordings or other topic media.


  1. In the topic, click Turn editing on
    turn editing on
  2. Click Add an activity or resource, and choose how you would like to display your video (we recommend page format).
    page icon
  3. Give the page a name, eg Lecture Monday week 1
    give the page a name
  4. In the page content area, click the Moodle Media button in the toolbar
    click the Moodle Media button
  5. Select Find or upload a sound, video or applet
    upload a video
  6. Choose Topic Media from the options on the left
    choose topic media
  7. This will bring up a list of all lecture recordings for the topic, as well as media files you have already uploaded to the topic using the Topic Media function.

  8. Select a file by clicking on it, then choose Select this file, then insert.

  9. Save the page.

The page will then provide a link to the recording. You may also like to include other information on the page, such as lecture handouts.

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