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My Media iconThis entry relates to Kaltura, the video platform in FLO

    Adding a collaborator to a video gives them permission to use or edit a video in a particular way. It is useful when you either want someone to review a video, or when you want to move it to a topic you do not have access to.

    There are four types of collaborators you can add to your video:

    • Co-editors can edit a video (e.g. for review or approval)
    • Co-publishers can publish to a Media Vault (including topics that you do not have access to)
    • Co-viewers can only view the media in their My Media (e.g. for review or approval)
    • Media owners will have sole access to the video (i.e. you are giving someone else access to the video and removing your ability to edit, embed or publish it)

    For more detailed information, view this table.

    A person can be given both the co-editor and co-publisher roles, allowing them to both edit a video and publish it to a Media Vault.

    Add a collaborator

    1. In the FLO navigation bar across the top of screen, open the drop-down menu next to your name and profile picture, then click My Media
      Kaltura - My Media link

    2. If you haven't already done so, upload your video then return to this page

    3. From the list of media, find the video that you want to share. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the video title.
      Kaltura - edit video 

    4. Click on the Collaboration tab underneath the video
      Kaltura - collaboration tab

    5. You will be presented with two permissions that you can assign to people:

    6. Media Owner

      Changes who can administer and is credited as owning the media in My Media (though not necessarily the person who owns the copyright). Note that you will also lose access to the video. To do this:

      1. Click in the text box to search for a name
      2. Select that name from the drop-down menu
      3. Click the Save Changes button

      Kaltura - change media owner

      Media Collaborator

      Changes who can view, edit or publish media. To do this:

      1. Click in the text box to search for a name
      2. Select that name from the drop down menu
      3. Assign them a role
      4. Click the Add button

      Kaltura - add collaborator
      Note that if you are giving someone access to an older video it will likely not be at the top of their list, as My Media shows newer videos first.

    The person who has been designated as the owner or collaborator of the media will see it in their My Media. If they have been made a co-publisher they will be able to publish to the Media Vault of one of their topics.

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