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My Media iconThis entry relates to Kaltura, the video platform in FLO.

There are multiple ways to allow Kaltura (My Media) videos to be downloaded, depending on the purpose.

How can people download videos in my topic?

To download a video, you (or students) can click on the download button in a compatible video player.
The download button is in the top right corner of the video and is marked by a red square in this image

Since 22 April 2020, there are two video players available – one that allows downloads, and one that does not. Videos embedded in FLO sites before this time will use the player that doesn't allow downloads.

Videos uploaded using the Desktop Recorder may have two streams – the recording of your computer and your webcam. If your video has two such streams only the computer's recording will download.

When you embed a video in FLO you can choose which player to use, though the default option is to use the player that allows downloads. Instructions on how to embed videos and choose a player can be found in Video - embed a video from the topic Media Vault (Kaltura).

When should videos be downloadable?

Only teaching-related videos properly produced and authorised by Flinders should be uploaded to Kaltura for students to download.

'Third party' (i.e. non-Flinders) videos must not be put on Kaltura unless Flinders has prior copyright permission/consent from the third party owner to do so.

Making older video downloadable

If you want to make a video uploaded before 22 April 2020 downloadable, you will need to embed the video again.

Downloading a video you own

If your video is not downloadable through the player, you (or any co-editors) can download it through My Media.

  1. In the FLO navigation bar across the top of screen, open the drop-down menu next to your name and profile picture, then click  My Media
    My Media link 

  2. From the list of media, find the video that you want to share. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the video title
    Kaltura edit video

  3. Click on the Downloads tab underneath the video
    Kaltura downloads tab

  4. Click the Source box, then Save changes, then Preview Media
    Kaltura - download source 

  5. Click on the Download link under the video
    Kaltura - download icon

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