I don't have the Turn editing on button in my topic

Depending on your role in the Student Two teaching team, you will receive different permissions in FLO. The mapping of roles between Student Two and FLO is shown below. If you have the incorrect level of access, please contact your School Office to find out the process for changing your role.


Student Two role FLO role Access
Topic coordinator Topic Coordinator Build and teach
Topic contact Teacher Build and teach
Lecturer Teacher Build and teach
Lab coordinator Teacher Build and teach
Instructor Teacher Build and teach
Practicum coordinator Teacher Build and teach
Placement coordinator Teacher Build and teach
FLO support Topic Support Build and teach
Tutor Tutor Teach only
Lab demonstrator Tutor Teach only
Placement supervisor Tutor Teach only
Clinical supervisor Tutor Teach only
Lab supervisor Tutor Teach only
Teaching assistant Tutor Teach only
FLO assistant FLO Assistant Teach only

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