Collaborate - allow students to record video

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Collaborate iconThis entry relates to both video creation and Collaborate.

While students can record and upload videos in Kaltura using the Desktop Recorder, there may be circumstances where Collaborate may be more suitable (e.g. group recordings, recordings for an entire class).

Warning! Recordings will be available to all students in the topic.

  • If recordings need to be private, students will need to use another method.
  • If you want to have a confidential discussion you can use a sandpit.

To set up a collaborate session where students can record themselves:

  1. Create a session called ‘Record a video in Collaborate’

    create session button

  2. In event details, select No end (open session)

    The no end box appears under the end date

  3. Click on the Session settings tab.Change the default attendee role to Moderator, and tick the Allow recording downloads box.

    The default attendee role and download options are the first two options in the Session settings tab

  4. Click on the Create button to create your session or click on Save changes to an existing session.

Information to give to students

Send them the following information so they know what to do:

  1. At a mutually convenient time for the whole group, enter the Collaborate session called 'Record a video in Collaborate'
  2. Check your microphone and camera as prompted
  3. To record your session, open the Session menu in the top left corner (the black button with the three lines). You don't have to start recording immediately - you can take a few moments to get organised.
    The start recording link is the first item in the session menu

  4. If you are sharing a file or your screen, use the purple icon in the bottom right corner to the screen. Click on the Share button (highlighted in red below), then choose share file or share application.

     - Share file is best for PowerPoint.
     - Share application is best when you need to show a website or some other software application (e.g. excel)

    The share button is highlighted with a red border.

    For more information, view the guide to sharing in Collaborate.
  5. To finish recording, open the Session menu again and select Stop Recording
  6. Let the topic coordinator know that your recording is done and when you did it, so they can rename it for you

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