Group management

Group work plays a key role in collaborative learning, providing interactivity with other learners to achieve the aim of the activity/learning outcome. Group work activities can be set up and facilitated in FLO. A teacher can organise users into groups within the topic or within particular activities. 

  • A group is a collection of students (eg Polly's Tutorial Group may contain the students Beth, Joe, Lisa and Dave). 
  • A grouping is a collection of groups (eg the grouping Tutorial Groups may include the groups Polly's Tutorial Group, Basil's Tutorial Group and Manuel's Tutorial Group).
Groupings are used to categorise groups. In your topic you may have groups for tutorials, groups for project exercises, and discussion groups. Creating groupings makes it easier for you as an administrator/teacher and for students who need to contribute to a group.

Groups and groupings can be used to:

  • filter activities and the gradebook so you only see one class at a time
  • filter activities and the gradebook so you don't see the students from your colleagues' classes
  • allocate a particular activity or resource to just one class or set of users so others can't see it.

Groups and Student Two

Depending on the groups available as part of your topic within Student Two, your topic may also contain automatically generated and updated groups that reflect Lecture, Tutorial, Seminar and Workshop groups. These groups can easily be identified within the Group manager under the heading 'Student Two groups':

Student Two groups

Student Two groups are updated every hour and any changes should be made in Student Two to ensure they are reflected in FLO. Any alterations to the membership of Student Two groups will be overwritten in the next hourly update.

Managing groups in FLO

If students register for activities in the Student System (eg tutorials, seminars, workshops), groups will be automatically created in your FLO site. If you want to create other groups and manage them in FLO, there are three steps:

Step 1: create groups (there are three options)

Step 2: create a grouping and add your groups to it

Step 3: create an activity and attach it to a grouping/group. Most activities (eg forum, quiz, glossary) are attached to a group/grouping in the Common module settings or Restrict access tabs. The Assignment activity is one exception. See links below for more information/instructions.

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