Hide or show topics in the My Topics list

You can hide topics that you do not access regularly from your My Topics list. This can be useful to hide topics from previous semesters, for example. Altering this list will also alter the topics available in the My Topics menu list.


  1. Navigate to the My FLO page

  2. Click the Customise this page button
    click the customise this page button

  3. Use the Eye icon on the right hand side of the topic name to hide / show any topics. 
    hide a topic

  4. To hide a tab altogether, hide all topics within the tab. The tab will disappear once you stop customising this page

  5. Click Stop customising this page
    Click the 'stop customising this page' button

To make topics visible again, click Unhide all topics. To unhide individual topics, click the eye hidden eye icon icon next to the topic.

click 'unhide all topics' or the closed eye icon

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