Create an assignment as a take-home exam

The assignment tool in FLO can be used to deliver take-home exams. In this format, students get access to the exam question/topic at a particular time, then need to submit (either by uploading a file or by typing text directly into FLO) by the due date.


  1. Create a standard assignment 

  2. Enter the instructions for the exam in the Description box

  3. Set the Allow submissions from date/time to be when the instructions will be released to students

  4. Un-check the Always show description box. This will only display the instructions to students after the Allow submissions from date/time
    complete description, allow submissions from, un-check always show descrpition
  5. Remember to set due date and cutoff date as usual
  6. Click   save and display

Before the Allow submissions from date/time, the assignment will display to students as the following:

the assignment details will be hidden from students until the release date

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