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The eLearning store is an online booking system for all Flinders staff.

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The eLearning store is an online booking system for all Flinders staff where they can book equipment for short loan periods (from one hour to a few weeks)

Service update

A staff member will continue to be in EDUC3.16 9am-5pm for pick ups and returns.

If you are picking up equipment please ensure that you have booked it first via the online store.

Please ring the doorbell when you arrive at EDUC3.16 and stand back a few steps. We will open the door then hand over or receive equipment via our trolley to minimise contact and uphold physical distancing.

All equipment will be cleaned with disinfectant before pick-up and after return for your safety. We also ask that you also clean the equipment with disinfectant before returning.

1. Bookings

The eLearning store is available at https://elearningstore.flinders.edu.au 
It is available for all Flinders staff (academic or professional) and uses Okta to authenticate.

2. Equipment

Items that can be booked include:

  • COWS (Computer on Wheels - trolley containing 12 or 14 PC or Mac laptops)
  • CALF (smaller COW - trolley containing 6 PC laptops)
  • Laptops (PC)
  • Voice recorders
  • iPads
  • Microphones
  • Video cameras
  • Tripods
  • Web cam/USB headset kits
  • Catchboxes
  • Wireless presenters
  • Video projectors
  • PA amp
  • Portable green screens

Video chat kits are also available for booking. These include:

  • 2 web chat kits (consisting of a webcam and USB headset)
  • 1 web group chat kit (consisting of a webcam and a Bluetooth microphone / speaker)
The following equipment is also available:
  • 2 USB microphones
  • Wireless Go Compact Microphone System
  • 3 Lapel mic kits

These kits are available for loan to academic staff for use in desktop video conferencing, virtual classroom sessions (eg Collaborate) or recording short videos for FLO.

You can book the kits here.

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