Create a folder resource

You can create a folder to organise files, and subfolders within the folder (eg Assessment 1, Assessment 2 etc). You can also upload a zip file, unzip it within the folder, and choose what folder/s to move files to.


Create a folder
  1. Click the Turn editing on button 
  2. Go to the week or module you would like the folder to appear
  3. Click Add an activity or resource
    add an activity or resource button
  4. Select Folder then click Add
    Click 'folder' then click 'add'
  5. Add a Name
  6. Add a Description
    type name and description
  7. Drag and drop the files you wish to appear in the folder in the Files section or click add and go through the steps
    Add files
  8. Click Save and display
    save and display button

Create a subfolder

Once you have created a folder, in the display screen:

  1. Click on the Create folder icon and give the folder a meaningful name
    folder icon

Add a zip file, then unzip (and move to a subfolder)

  1. Click on the Add... icon
    Add... icon
  2. Choose your zip file (this might consist of a series of documents such as PDFs that you have zipped up) and upload (Open)
  3. One the file is uploaded, you can unzip it by clicking on the zip file icon icon

  4. Select the option 'Unzip'
    Unzip option

  5. Your files should now appear in the folder where you placed the zip file. You can choose a subfolder to add them to by clicking on each individual file
    moving a file to a folder

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