Import topic grades from Excel

You may need to import grades if you have made changes or complex calculations within Excel.


  1. In Excel, open the spreadsheet containing the grades

  2. Select File, then Save as

  3. Use the Save as type dropdown menu to select CSV (comma delimited)
    save as type csv (comma delimited)
  4. Click Save as

  5. Excel will ask if you want to keep the workbook in this format. Select Yes

  6. Close the file. Excel will ask if you want to save changes. Select Don't save

  7. In the FLO gradebook, click the Import tab

  8. Make sure CSV file is selected
  9. Use the Choose a fileā€¦ button to browse for the CSV file, or drag and drop the file into the upload area

  10. Click Upload grades

  11. Confirm that the grades appear on the screen correctly

  12. Under Identify user by, change Map from to FAN and Map to to FAN
    map from fan and map to fan
  13. By default, no grade columns will be changed. Under Grade item mappings, for each column you wish to import / update, select a destination column in the gradebook. It is a good idea to only map the columns you have changed in Excel.
    map assignment 1 column in spreadsheet to assignment 1 column in gradebook
  14. Click Upload grades


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