Create an offline assignment

An offline assignment can be used when students do not need to upload any work into FLO – for example, when doing presentations, posters or lab books. The assignment tool can be used to manage and return marks and feedback.

The benefits of creating an offline assignment are:

  • Communicates assignment requirements to students
  • Adds due date to topic calendar
  • Allows for electronic management of feedback and marks


  1. Click 
  2. Go to the week or module where you would like the assignment to appear
  3. Choose 
  4. Select 
  5. Click 
  6. You will be taken to the Adding a new Assignment screen where you can set the parameters of your assignment.

  7. Fill in the Name and Description and, if relevant, the due date (see note below)
  8. Under Submission types, un-check Online text and File submissions
    un-check online text and file submission options
  9. Under Submission settings, change Require students click submit button to No
    change require students click submit button to no
  10. Click Save and display


It is usually not necessary to set a due date for offline assignments, as no submission occurs through FLO. If this is the case, you might like to un-check the box next to the due date, to disable the date for the assignment.

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