Set up marking groups for marking assignments

Marking groups can be organised:

  1. By tutorial/workshop/demonstration session
  2. Into groups of the same size
  3. Into groups of different sizes

By tutorial/workshop/demonstration session

FLO contains group data from the student system for all activities that occur within a topic, eg tutorials, workshops, demonstrations. You can use this data to organise your assignment to make managing the marking process easier. If you are using this method you don't need to setup any groups and can skip straight to setting up your assignment to use marking groups.

Into groups of the same size

If the assignment will be distributed to markers using a method other than by tutorial group then you can set up new groups within FLO to help manage this process. Students can be auto allocated to groups based on first name, last name, ID or allocated randomly. Please refer to help material on Auto-create groups for more detail.

See How do I automatically create groups?

Into groups of different sizes

Depending on your marker distribution setting up groups of different sizes can require some thought. We recommend that you see your eLearning Support Team for assistance setting up marking groups of different sizes

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