How do I hide assignment grades

Once you have created your assignment we advise that you set the assignment to ‘hidden’ in the gradebook. This will prevent students from seeing feedback and grades/marks until the marking process has been finalised. They will still be able to see the assignment to submit their file or online text. Once the marking has been finalised the assignment can be ‘shown’ in the gradebook, effectively releasing marks and feedback to students.

The grading summary table of the assignment displays the current status of the assignment visibility in the gradebook:

Grading Summary

Hide the grades using the Assignment grading summary

  • Click on the assignment

  • In the Grading summary click the eye icon in the Grade visibility section to hide the grades in the gradebook.

  •  The Grade visibility text will change to 'Grades are hidden from students'

  • Click the eye icon again to unhide grades - the text will change to advise that 'Grades are visible to students'


Hide the grades column via the gradebook

  1. In your topic, locate the Administration block and click Grades 

     click grades in the administration block

  2. Then click the Setup tab, gradebook setup
    setup tab

  3.  In the Actions column alongside the assignment you are about to start marking, select the Edit dropdown list and click Hide icon (which looks like an eye) eye

This will hide the grade and feedback from students, but they will still be able to see the assignment activity. When you have finished the marking process, don’t forget to ‘Show’ the item in the Gradebook so that students can access their grades and feedback.

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