Create a checklist in FLO for marking an assignment

A checklist allows for a series of items (i.e. criterion) and point values for each. The maximum value of the checklist is equal to the sum of all items. Students are awarded either all or no points for each item.

example checklist


  1. Create an assignment

  2. In the Grade section choose from the Grading method drop-down box

  3. Select Checklist

    grading method - select checklist
  4. Click Save and display

    Click save and display
  5. Select Define new grading form from scratch

    Define new grading form from scratch
  6. Give your checklist a name and description (optional)

    Name and description
  7.  Add a name for your group, type in the click to edit group area

    click to edit group
  8. Add a description for your item, type in the click to edit item area

    click to edit item
  9. To add more items click the +Add item button

    Add item
  10. To add more groups click the +Add group button

    Add group
  11. Select options for your Checklist

    checklist options
  12. Click Save checklist and make it ready

    save and make ready
  13. If you wish to edit your checklist click Advanced Grading in the Administration tab (only visible if you are in the assignment)

    Advanced Grading

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