Create a marking guide in FLO for marking an assignment

A marking guide allows for a comment and score against each criterion. The score is determined based on marker discretion, out of a maximum score for each criterion. You can also set up frequently used comments.



  1. Create an assignment
  2. In the Grade section choose from the Grading method drop down box
  3. Select Marking guide

  4. Click Save and display

  5. Select Define a new grading form from scratch

  6. Give your marking guide a name and description (optional)

  7. Add a name for the criterion type in the Click to edit criterion name
    click to edit criterion name
  8. Add a description for the students, type in the Click to edit area

  9. Add a description for the markers, type in the Click to edit area
    click to edit descriptions for students and markers
  10. Allocate a mark for this criterion, type the mark into the click to edit area

  11. Click Add criterion to add extra criterion
    add criterion button
  12. Move your criterion up and down by using the arrows

  13. Add frequently used comments - type in the Click to edit area
  14. Click +Add frequently used comments to add more comments

  15. Select options for your marking guide

  16. Click Save marking guide and make it ready

  17. If you wish to edit your Marking Guide click Advanced Grading in the Administration tab (only visible if you are in the assignment)
    Advanced grading marking guide

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