Video - filming with a mobile phone

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Tips for recording on mobile

  • Put phone on silent and flight mode to save battery and avoid unnecessary interruptions
  • Make sure phone is fully charged
  • Check storage on the phone (clean up unnecessary or unwanted files, photos, videos)
  • Check the settings for video resolution (see below)
  • Clean the lens
  • If recording in a shared space, put up a sign ‘recording in progress’
  • If recording inside, open blinds to improve light
  • Avoid areas with high contrast, e.g. too dark or too light
  • Don’t cover the microphone with your finger
  • Record in landscape orientation
  • Use both hands for stability, or prop up, use a stand or tripod for a static shot
  • Don’t use digital zoom – use your feet
  • Use fluid movements to avoid ‘jiggling’
  • Move slowly if panning

Video resolution

Newer phones can record in ultra high definition or 4K. This will result in very large files. You can check and, if necessary, change the resolution settings for video recording via the camera settings on your device. The options available will depend on the make and model of your device. Look for a setting no more than HD which will be listed as 1080 or 1280. You must change the settings before you record, otherwise you may need to use additional software to compress your video to create a smaller file for uploading.

Tip: The location of these settings vary depending the model of your phone. To find your phones video resolution settings try googling the model of your phone plus the phrase "change video resolution", e.g. "Galaxy 7 change video resolution"

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