Video - download YouTube video files and upload to My Media (Kaltura)

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These instructions assume that you have stored your video in a YouTube account (do not download the work of other people without their written permission).

If you have the original source file you can simply upload that file to My Media (Kaltura) instead.

Download video from YouTube 

Find the required video in 'YouTube Studio' view

  1. Click on the account options menu. From the menu, select YouTube studio.
    Access Youtube  Studio

  2. In Studio, select 'Videos' from the left menu
    Select Videos

  3. Locate the required video, and use the 3 dots (options) to access the actions menu
    Access actions menu

  4. Select download. The video will be saved in your downloads folder as an mp4 file
    Select Download

Upload your video to FLO and embed it in your topic

Follow the instructions in the FLO Staff Support page - 'Video - upload a video to Kaltura (My Media) in FLO'.

Note: there are 3 steps

  1. Upload video to My Media
  2. Publish to the Topic media vault
  3. Embed the video where required in your topic. Generally, this would be in a 'Page' resource

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