Create a scheduler activity

Steps to create a scheduler activity

  1. In your topic, click
    turn editing on button
  2. Go the week/module where you want to create the scheduler, then click add activity or resource button
  3. Select scheduler 
  4. Click add button
  5. Give the activity a Name and Description
  6. Select the Mode: if you select Students can only register for one appointment at a time, students can make another appointment after they have attended their first session. If you select Students can only register one appointment, students can only make one selection per activity
  7. Specify the Default slot duration in minutes
    sxcheduler description
  8. Click save and display button


Steps to schedule appointment times

  1. In the scheduler activity, click Add slots
  2. Fill in the date you want to start and the date you want to repeat until
  3. Choose the days for appointment times *required*
  4. Specify the start and end times for each block of appointments
    add slots date and time
  5. Set Divide into slots to Yes 
  6. Specify the slot duration in minutes. For example if you have a start time of 9am and an end time of 10am and divide into slots of 15 minutes, then 4 times will be created: 9:00, 9:15, 9:30 and 9:45.
  7. Specify if you wish to have Break between slots
  8. You can allow multiple students per slot (if required)
  9. Specify a Location (if required)
  10. In the Teacher area specify who in the teaching team the person will be meeting with
    various scheduler options
  11. You have the option to Display appointment to students from 
    display appointments from
  12. Select if you require the students to receive Email reminder
    email reminder
  13. Click save changes button


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