Create an iterative assignment

In some cases assignments are iterative – students are asked to provide work for formative feedback rather than summative feedback and a mark, or students are providing drafts. In these cases it may be appropriate to disable the submit button.


  1. Create a new assignment

  2. Under submission settings, change Require students click submit button to No

click submit button - 'no'

  3.  Depending on the nature of your assignment, you may also want to disable the Due and Cut-off Dates by removing the tick from the enable boxes

 Due and cut-off dates - disabled

Note: The benefit of setting Require students click submit button to Yes is that once students click submit they will be prevented from making changes to their submission during marking. Setting Require students click submit button to No should be used with the knowledge that students will be able to continue editing their submission.

Once a student enters their assignment (file upload or online text) the submission status will be displayed as Submitted. However they will continue to be able to edit their submission. At no point will they need to finalise their submission.

Submit to no


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