Download an assignment grading worksheet to mark offline


  1.  Click on the assignment
  2. Click on .

  3. Select Download grading worksheet from the Grading action menu (at the top of the screen).

Download grading worksheet

3. The grading worksheet will download. To open:

  • Google Chrome – will display the download file in the bottom bar in the left corner. Click the arrow and go to Open
  • Internet Explorer – click ‘Open’
  • Mozilla Firefox – select ‘Open with…’ and click OK

4. The grading worksheet is not a zip file and therefore you will not need to extract anything. Save the grading worksheet in a location that you will be able to recall.

Note: If you are saving files anywhere outside of the university network (eg USB Drive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive) then please make sure you take regular backups of your work.

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