Automatically create groups

Automatically creating groups allocates students randomly across either a specified number of groups, or into groups of a certain size. This can also be used to create sub groups based off of the membership of an existing group or grouping.


  1. In the topic, locate the Administration tab

  2. Click Users, then Groups
    groups administration tab

  3. Click auto create groups button

  4. Define the naming scheme. Enter a name that all groups will share, and add either @ to include a letter (eg Group A, Group B) or # to include a number (eg Group 1, Group 2)

  5. Enter the group/member count (number of groups or number of students per group)

  6. Choose whether you want to Specify number of groups, or number of students per group
    auto groups general section
  7. If any groups / groupings exist within this topic, choose whether you want to specify a group (Select members from group) or groupings (Select members from grouping) membership to be used when auto-creating groups

    Note: This can be used to split an existing group (such as a Tutorial class) into sub groups

  8. Choose how you wish to allocate members
    group members section

  9. Change Create in grouping to be New grouping

  10. Enter a name for the new grouping
    grouping section

  11. Select preview button to see how the students will be distributed across the groups (this appears at the bottom of the screen)

  12. Click submit button to confirm

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