Access students' assignment submissions


  1. Go to your topic and click on the assignment name
    assignment name
  2. This will display the grading summary
    grading summary
  3. The grading summary provides an overview of the assignment including:
    • Participants - How many students are participating in the assignment.
    • Drafts - How many of the student submissions are still in the draft phase.
    • Submitted - How many students have submitted an assignment.
    • Needs grading - The number of submissions that still require grading.
    • Grade visibility - Shows you if the grade is visible or hidden to students.
    • Text Matching - Shows you if Text Matching is enabled (this is defaulted to on for all assignments, unless an exemption is granted)
    • Due date - The due date specified. 
    • Time remaining - The time remaining before the due date is reached, or notification that the due date is past.
    • Late submissions - If the assignment accepts late submissions the date until will show.
  4. Click on the link view submissions button which will take you to the grading screen:
    grading screen shot
  5. Important areas of the grading screen include:
    • Status - information about the submission status of the student. In the above image we can clearly see the students that have submitted their assignments, those that have not confirmed their submission and those who have submitted late.
    • Grade - the ability to use Quick Grading (when it has been enabled) or the Individual Marking Form.
    • Last modified (submission) - the date that the students submission was last modified.
    • File submission - the latest file submitted by the student. Assignments can be downloaded as individual files or in a zip file.

  6. Information in this table can be ordered by any of the columns by clicking on the headings.
    You may also wish to collapse columns you do not need, eg. the user picture column. This can be done by clicking on the colapse icon icon located under each column title. Another option for increasing the table's visible width is docking the left margin blocks 'Navigation' and ' Administration' to the menu bar. This can be done by clicking on the dock block icon for each block. When docked to the left menu bar the menu can be opened by mousing over the title and all menu bar items can be returned to their original position by clicking on the undock block icon icon at the bottom of the menu.

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