Add a welcome block

The welcome block allows you to post an introductory message to students, as well as the names, photos and optionally contact details of the teaching team. Your school may already include a Topic welcome/Welcome block/Contact block in the school’s FLO template which means you will not have to create it yourself. 

Note: To add / alter your profile picture displayed in the Welcome block, see how do I upload a profile photo.


  1. In your topic, click the Turn editing on button
    turn editing on button
  2. Locate the Add a block dropdown menu (usually on the right-hand side) and select Topic welcome
    select topic welcome from the add a block menu
  3. When the new block appears, click the cog icon to configure the block (see more information below)
    click the configure topic welcome block icon

    Welcome text - enter some introductory text for students here. Try not to make the text too long - if you have a lot of content, consider using a page resource instead.

    By default, the welcome text is only shown to students until the end of week 1. After this time it will be collapsed under a Click to expand link. If you want to change how long the full text is displayed, change the Hide course welcome text date.

    By default, topic coordinators are listed, along with their email addresses. To show more teaching team roles, change the Roles to display settings, and to show more contact methods change the Contact methods to display options.

  4. When you have finished configuring the block, click Save changes

Change your user image

  1. If you have previously uploaded a profile image, it will automatically display in the welcome block.  To add or change your user image, click the edit your profile here link in the block
    follow the 'edit your profile here' link 
  2. Upload your user image clicking the Add button or by dragging and dropping the file into the area indicated
    upload your image
    display of a newly added image
  3. Click Update profile
    update profile button
  4. Your chosen image will now appear in the Welcome block, in addition to many other locations in FLO
    a welcome block complete with user image

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