Annotate (mark) assignments offline

Offline Annotation allows you to download all student assignments in a zip file. You can save files to a shared drive or USB and annotate (provide comments) on assignments (using software such as Word or PDF or marking on a tablet such as an iPad) without being connected to the Internet. At a later stage (once you are connected to the Internet) you can upload all assignments at once, a fantastic time saver. This is a great option if you have large student numbers, are providing feedback in the way of annotations on student assignments and may not be connected to the internet whilst marking.

You can also combine this option with the use of the grading worksheet to enter marks and upload into FLO.

If the class is large and there will be multiple markers consider creating your assignment using groups for marking. This will allow markers to easily download the assignments for their own group and will prevent cross marking.

Offline annotation is split into three different phases:

  1. Downloading files 
    Downloading the files necessary for marking including the student submissions and the grading worksheet.
  2. Marking assignments 
    Annotating assignments using software such as Word or PDF (or on a tablet if you have access to one) and adding comments, highlights, corrections etc. Marks and comments (if required) can be entered into the grading worksheet.
  3. Uploading marks and feedback 
    Once marking is complete annotated assignments and marks are uploaded to FLO in a batch process.

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