Calculate a topic total by percentage

This will tell you how to calculate a basic topic total, for when the Statement of Assessment Methods (SAM) is in the following format:

Assessment item 1 20%
Assessment item 2 30%
Assessment item 3 50%

Assessment items are worth a certain percentage of the topic total. 


  1. In the topic, locate the Administration block

  2. Click Grades
    click grades link in administration block
  3. Click the Setup tab , click Gradebook setup tab
    setup tab

  4. In the Actions column, Edit dropdown list click the Edit settings for the top level grade item (the topic name) select edit settings

  5. Change the Aggregation dropdown list to 'Natural', 'Simple weighted mean of grades' or 'Weighted mean of grades' and click Save changes  select weighted mean of grades

  6. In the Weight textbox next to each item, specify a percentage weight for each component. For example if Assignment 1 is worth 30%, put 30 in the Weight box
    enter weights for each item
  7. Change Topic total to be 100
    set topic total to be 100

    Note: This is not possible if Natural has been chosen as the aggregation method

  8. Click save changes
Note: If you are using categories, you may need to change the aggregation method of each category to allow a weighting to be applied ot all grade items

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