Create a URL resource

A URL (hyperlink) resource could be an open educational resource on the web, or a link within your FLO site (eg a quick link to assessment information).


  1. Click the Turn editing on button
    turn editing on button
  2. Go to the week or module you would like the URL to appear

  3. Click Add an activity or resource
    add an activity or resource button
  4. Select URL then click Add
    Select URL resource and click add
  5. Add a name

  6. Add a description. Tick the 'Display description on topic' box if you want the student to see this on the topic main page. If, for visual consistency, you want to make this description sit right under the URL, use the Increase indent icon Increase indent icon in the text editor toolbar. Click on the Edit HTML source icon Edit HTML source icon and adjust <p style="padding-left: 30px;"> to <p style="padding-left: 20px;">. This makes the indented description sit exactly under the URL link
    type name and description
    view of html
  7. Type the URL in the External URL section
    type url
  8. Under Appearance, if an external resource (ie outside FLO, including Flinders University website) leave the Display default as New window. If an internal resource (eg within the topic site), choose one of the other options (automatic, embed, open, in pop-up). Note: choosing 'embed' is not recommended for copyright reasons (this makes it look as though the link resource belongs in your FLO site) 
    choose a display from the drop-down menu
  9. Click Save and display or Save and return to topic
    save and return to topic button and save and display button

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