Create a blind-marked assignment

A blind-marked assignment is one where markers do not know the author of each submission they mark.


It is important to be aware of the following when using blind marking:

  • If you are using blind marking you will need to advise students not to include their name in file names or within the assignment as FLO is unable to remove this identifying information
  • Be aware that providing extensions due to the hidden nature of student identification can be tricky
  • Known issue: Blind marked assignments do not migrate from one year to another and must be recreated each year to ensure student details remain blind

Consider consulting your eLearning Support Team  before using blind marking.


  1. Turn Editing on using the button in the top right corner turn editing on
  2. Go to the week or module where you would like the assignment to appear
  3. Choose add an activity or resource
  4. Select assignment button
  5. Click on the add button button at the bottom of the box.
  6. You will be taken to the Adding a new Assignment screen where you can set the parameters of your assignment.

  7. Fill in the name, description, due date and cut-off date. (See How do I create a standard assignment? for more information)

    adding new assignment screen

  8. Under the Grade settings, change Blind marking to Yes (note: you may need to click on Grade to expand the settings group)

    grade section of new assignment
  9. Click save and display

When you and your teaching team mark the assignment, students' names will be obscured. Each submission will be identified by a unique number, for example

submissions are given a unique identifier rather than using the student's name

When you have finished marking and are ready to release grades into the gradebook, use the Grading action menu to Reveal student identities.

reveal student identities


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