Set up a feedback template (marking guide or rubric) for offline marking

If you will be providing feedback to students via a marking guide (for example, a rubric, checklist, feedback form) that you have developed in a program like Word or PDF, then it is recommended that you upload it as a feedback template into the assignment. Note that you can also set up a marking guide, rubric or checklist for online marking (ie within FLO).

Uploading a feedback template will allow you (later, during the marking process) to download a zip folder containing a copy of the marking guide for each student with the correct naming convention to be uploaded back into the assignment. FLO refers to these as feedback files. You will then be able to complete the feedback file (marking guide/rubric/checklist/form) for each student and then zip up all feedback files and return to FLO in a one-step process.

Sample marking guides

These are samples only, a shell that you can use to develop your own marking guide:

View support resources for assessment and rubrics (Centre for University Teaching)

Steps to assign a feedback template

  1. Create an assignment

  2. On the settings page, look for the Feedback template option (under Feedback types)

  3. Click Add to upload a file, and select the file on your computer. Alternatively you can drag the file from your computer onto the file upload box

    click the add button in the feedback template area

  4. Click Save and display


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