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There are several options for sourcing or creating digital content for use in teaching. 

University-managed electronic resources

Source open educational resources (OERs)
An OER describes an educational resource (print or electronic) that is designed for use in learning and teaching and is openly licensed. OERs are free of cost, and available in the public domain or under licence terms that allow the resource to be retained, reused, revised, remixed and redistributed (5 Rs definition). The benefits of OERs lie in the flexibility of the licences they are released under.

If you use OERs in your teaching, be mindful of the licence terms and conditions attached to the resource. For how to search for OERs in textbook, image, multimedia, simulation (and other) formats, visit the Creative Commons OER page.

Build your own resources

You could build your own content for your topic/s. This content should be sustainable – easily updated/revised and available to future cohorts. A range of tools can be used to create resources. The tool selection matrix identifies tools available at Flinders for content creation and includes useful features, tips and help resources.

Access statutory licensed material

The Statutory Licence contained in section 113P of the Copyright Act allows the University to copy and communicate textual, artistic and broadcast material for educational purposes without needing to seek permission from the copyright owner. Various limitations and conditions relate to what type of material the licence covers, how you can use the material, and the amount you can use. For more information, visit Guidelines for copyright in teaching and Use of copyright material in teaching.

  Training and support



For support in creating your own digital resources - contact your eLearning support team

Use this service to request support from Librarians to source online materials for your topics

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