Engaging content - embedded quizzing

Embedded quizzing consists of questions / knowledge-check activities embedded within learning content, rather than as a standalone activity.   

Good practice guides and tip sheets

Good practice guides and tip sheets have been developed to support quality in both curriculum design and teaching practice. Good practice guides provide a pedagogical overview and tip sheets provide you with practical strategies and ideas for implementation. Links to engaging content-related resources are provided below. 

Design principles for creating engaging digital contentSourcing and creating digital content

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Camtasia is video recording and editing software that features simple drag and drop editing and libraries of effects and interactions. With Camtasia, you can record, then edit your computer screen activity, audio, and webcam input. If you capture video footage on mobile devices or digital recorders, you can import and edit it. Camtasia is available to all staff and can be downloaded via the IDS Support Portal. Home use licences are available (request via Service One). Camtasia is available for both Mac and Windows.

  • Training is available for making educational videos in Camtasia. Refer to the iEnrol for scheduled and upcoming sessions
  • The first time you start Camtasia, the program will open a tutorial video. You can find this video again later under Help > Open Getting Started Project within Camtasia. This built-in video will give basic instructions on how to use Camtasia
Good for

  • Adding quiz questions or knowledge checks into video content to create more engaging and interactive experiences when learning through video, and as opportunities for informal and self assessment. 
Useful features

  • Built-in functionality, wizards to create and add questions
  • Different question types, including multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer and true/false 
  • Feedback on correct and incorrect responses
  • Can score quiz, can allow viewer to see score. Overall score can integrate into FLO Gradebook if published and added to FLO as a SCORM package
  • Cannot be hosted in Kaltura and maintain quiz functionality, therefore cannot use accessibility features (captions) and viewing analytics
  • Must be exported as Web Page (for Smart Player) or SCORM (for Gradebook integration)
  • SCORM activities are generally a poor experience on mobile devices and can be incompatible 
  • Different process to publish in FLO compared to standard video
  • Camtasia project files can be large. While working on your project save your files to the hard drive of the computer. Working with your project files on network storage will slow editing down and can also cause crashes. Once complete, store them on OneDrive or S: drive (your U: drive generally wont have enough space for these large files)
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PowerPoint icon


Good for

  • Embedding quiz questions or knowledge checks into content-heavy slideshows and presentations for a more engaging and interactive experience, and as opportunities for informal and self assessment
  • When your students are going to download and use the PowerPoint to work through the content at their own pace – not effective in a lecture context
Useful features

  • Create a quiz question on a slide by using individual objects ( eg text boxes) for each element of your question (question, answer options, feedback)
  • Create interactivity by using animation effects with triggers
  • Extensive drawing tools, shapes, lines, icons, Smart Art libraries
  • Grids, guides, grouping, alignment and item layering
  • Colour themes to help create consistent look and feel

  • Could be time consuming to build lots of questions
  • No scoring of question(s)

  • Interaction for quizzes will only be available when viewing slideshow in Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow
  • Must be provided as .pptx or .ppsx files. Users must download and open
  • Mobile devices require Microsoft PowerPoint app
  • If slides are printed, all items/layers (questions and answers) will print respecting layer order
  • Question answers are readily available when viewing the file in PowerPoint editing mode
Help resources
  • Trigger an animation effect
  • Microsoft Office website has a large amount of training and help resources and there are many third party help resources, how-to guides, videos, tutorials that can be found by searching the web
    (Note the linked Microsoft page is for windows users. The Mac PowerPoint software is so similar that these windows resources are still useful to Mac users. Mac help resources are also available)


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FLO Lesson

The FLO Lesson is purpose built for branching scenarios. A lesson presents a series of pages to a student who is asked to make some sort of choice underneath the content area. The choice will send them to a specific page in the Lesson. The pages in the lesson can be either content pages with choices presented as buttons, or question pages where the next page will depend on the selected answer. Content and question pages can contain text and media.
Good for

  • Mixing static content, choices and questions to determine the route the student takes through the material (eg decision or problem-solving scenarios)
Useful features

  • Inbuilt functionality to add questions (or groups/clusters of questions) and branch based on answers
  • Multiple question types
  • Questions can be imported
  • Questions (except essays) are auto marked
  • Variety of setup options in multiple tries
  • Integrates with Gradebook
  • Reports and analytics available

  • Requires considerable planning
  • Not as straightforward as some FLO tools
  • Limited page layout and styling options

  • Build all the content and question pages first, then define all the jumps and linking
  • Map out all possible journeys through the content
  • Test thoroughly
  • Design your lesson pages to help your students know where they are in the lesson
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Quiz icon

FLO Quiz

Good for

  • Formal assessment that counts towards topic grade
  • Knowledge checks for informal ongoing assessment and self assessment
  • Relatively short chunks of content delivery with accompanying questions, as this tool is designed more for standalone quizzing and assessment than as a content delivery mechanism
Useful features

  • Embed content delivery within a quiz using description question types to create a linear lesson
  • Variety of quiz delivery options such as fixed navigation, multiple tries with hints and penalties
  • Extensive feedback options on questions and quiz overall provide opportunity to reinforce learning

  • FLO quiz is a standalone activity and cannot be embedded into other FLO activities

  • Be careful with organisation if using random random questions

  • Provide differentiated overall feedback for quiz based on quiz score ranges
Help resources

FLO tools: Book Page

FLO Book and Page cannot create embedded question or knowledge checks but could be used to deliver/publish content developed in other tools.

Good for

  • Organising content (chunking of related content)
  • Page: embedded video takes up less space in the FLO homepage
    Useful features

    • Interactive content could be embedded where there is an HTML editor

    • Cannot be integrated with Gradebook

    Help resources

    Digital Content Producer icon

    Digital Content Producer

    The Digital Content Producer is a highly talented member of the Online Learning Team in the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching, who has an extensive skillset with multimedia and digital content, and can work with you on the development of complex digital learning resources.
    If your needs are not met by the existing tools or the resource you are looking to create is complex in some way, please speak with the Learning Designer in your college about your needs as there is some capacity for digital content production for learning and teaching.

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