Engaging content - tool selection matrix

This matrix show Flinders University supported tools that are available to create content of different types.

Tool selection matrix (this entry)

Tool selection matrix       Hover over table cells for information, click for details.     Can be used to create content          Can be used to display content

Branching Animation Infographic / Diagram (static) Hotspots Video Audio Embedded quizzing Polling Game Activity
Definition Students take different pathways through learning content based on choices they make or their performance. May be interactive scenarios or differentiated content Moving images that contain graphic elements but not live action, may be animated models or diagrams, characters A visual way of representing information through image, or a combination of image and text Interactive elements embedded within the content that students hover or click on to trigger an action (eg revealing more information, visit web links) Visual footage, with or without audio, including live action, talking heads, screen recordings etc Recorded sound and/or dialogue (eg sound clips, podcasts) Questions / knowledge check activities embedded within learning content, rather than as a standalone activity Students can provide real-time responses to questions or surveys, and you can see, display and analyse the results immediately Gamification is the use of game play thinking and mechanics to solve problems and engage students




Kaltura Desktop Recorder


Recording Studio

FLO Lesson

FLO Quiz

FLO Active Quiz

FLO Choice

FLO Feedback

FLO Book

FLO Page

FLO Glossary

Digital Content Producer

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