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The Readings tool allows you to assemble materials of all types - physical books, ebooks, online or digitised book chapters, scholarly articles, videos, newspaper articles, websites, and more - in a structured, comprehensive resource list.

1. How does Readings work?

You can put any number of resource types into your readings list including (but not limited to):
  • books and book chapters
  • streaming videos
  • government reports
  • blogs
  • websites
  • lecture slides
  • an image from the Online Collections Catalogue (Flinders University Museum of Art)

2. Where can I find it?

Readings is added to every topic. If it has been removed from your topic, please contact your eLearning support team.
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3. What can I do in Readings?

  • Build your readings list from:
    • the Library collection
    • online browsing
    • databases
    • your own personal collection
  • Manage and update all your readings lists in one place, throughout the teaching period
  • Structure reading lists to your own teaching practices
  • Monitor student engagement through system analytics – view reports to see what citations students are looking at, see full-text access views, and when students are accessing resources

The Library will:

  • appropriately source licensed resources and manage copyright compliance
  • automatically add resources from Flinders' licensed subscriptions
  • maintain links and access


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