Topic administration - Recycle bin

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If you accidentally delete an activity or resource from the topic page you can restore it using the Recycle bin.

When you delete an item, it’s stored in the Recycle bin for 28 days before it’s permanently deleted.

Don’t restore a quiz activity from the Recycle bin
as this will duplicate the question bank (make a copy of each question). Instead, recreate the quiz or contact your local eLearning support team to discuss if it can be restored from a previous availability.

The Recycle bin (from the Actions menu in the Topic Management window) will only be visible when there are items within to restore. After an item is deleted it can take a few minutes for it to appear in the Recycle bin.

  1. On your topic's home page, click on the Topic management button
    Topic management button 

  2. In the Topic management window, click the Actions menu cog Actions menu(top right corner)

  3. Select Recycle bin from the drop-down menu
    Recycle bin link in Actions menu

  4. Locate the item you wish to recover and click the Restore icon
    Restore icon

  5. A message will appear stating the selected item has been restored
    Item restored

Once an activity / resource has been restored, it should be located at the bottom of the module in which it was originally in.

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