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The video submission is only available for online streaming so a reliable internet connection is required. Marking a video assignment is very similar to marking a standard assignment online, please refer to Mark online section in Assignment - main entry.

Tips for marking a video assignment

If students have submitted their video through Kaltura (My Media), you will notice their submission in the Online text column on the assignment grading screen (from your topic page click on the assignment link and then click View all submissions).
Assignment All Submissions Page
  • If you have a small screen or a low screen resolution, you might not see the (d) video submission (Online text column) when you first access the page. Instead of using the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom, you can use the (a) plus or minus icon to show or hide certain column(s) so that the Online text column appears in your screen view. Be aware though that this applies to all assignments you access, so you may want to make the columns visible again once you have completed marking.

  • Quick grading allows you to mark all video submissions without going into each student’s submission page. You can click the play button to watch the video and (b) enter a grade or a feedback comment as you go. If (c) File submissions is enabled along with (d) Online text, you can annotate (mark) student assignments in FLO (online).

  • Setting 10 assignments per page under Options (scroll down to the bottom of the screen) makes the page load faster. If you have a setting of 100 with a large number of submissions, the page might not load properly.

    Assignment All Submissions Option

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