Gradebook - Results Processing Utility Tool (RPUT)

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The Results Processing Utility Tool (RPUT) transfers student marks and grades from the Gradebook to Student Management.


  1. Open IDS Support Portal from your desktop shortcut or Start Menu

  2. Select Install Software

  3. Select ‘Results Processing Utility Tool’ from the list

  4. Click install

Using the tool

  1. Export the gradesheet from FLO and the Topic Results Sheet from Student Management. Both should be .csv files.

  2. Drag and drop both files onto the main window.

    The tool transfers grades and marks from the FLO Gradebook into the Student Management’s Topic Results Sheet based on the following set of rules:

    • RPUT matches students in each document using their student ID number.
    • Students who already have a grade or mark in the Topic Results Sheet are left as-is.
    • Students with no mark in the gradebook are left as-is.
    • Grades in the Gradebook’s Fail or Holding Grade column are mapped to Topic Result Sheet’s Grade column.
    • Marks in the Gradebooks Topic total column are copied to the Topic Results Sheet’s Mark column. Marks with decimal places are rounded to the nearest whole number.
    • If the Topic Total column contains ‘Non-graded pass (NGP)’, NGP will be added to the Topic Result Sheet’s Grade column. Other items in the Non-graded pass scale are ignored, as there should be more relevant information in the Fail or Holding Grade column.

  3. RPUT will create a folder called ‘PROCESSED’ inside the folder containing the original Topic Results Sheet. This folder will contain two files:
    • A new Topic Results Sheet with Grade & Mark columns containing the data transferred from the Gradebook. The new file will have _PROCESSED added to the file. This file is a .csv file.
    • A log file recording decisions the tool made during processing. This will also have _PROCESSED added to the file name. The file is a .log file.

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