Gradebook - Results Processing Utility Tool (RPUT)

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The Results Processing Utility Tool (RPUT) removes much of the manual processing required to transfer student marks and grades from the Gradebook to the Student Information System, automating the VLOOKUP and rounding routines.


  1. Open IDS Support Portal from your desktop shortcut or Start Menu

  2. Select Install Software

  3. Select ‘Results Processing Utility Tool’ from the list

  4. Click install

Using the tool

  1. Export the gradesheet from FLO and the Marksheet from Student Management. Both should be .csv files.
  2. Drag and drop both files onto the main window.

    The tool transfers grades and marks from the Gradebook into the Marksheet based on the following set of rules

    • Marks are mapped from Gradebook's Topic total (Real) column to Marksheet's Mark column
    • Grades are mapped from Gradebook's Holding Grade (Real) column to Marksheet's Grade column
    • Marks are rounded to a whole number (ensuring .5 values always round up)
    • Dashes (-) are converted to an empty value
    • Empty values are left as-is
    • Grades will be transferred from the Gradebook Holding Grade (Real) column, if it exists and contain one of these (exact) values: I, F/A, I/M, FCP. All other values are ignored.
    The (Real) suffix is automatically added to column headings when the Gradebook is exported.

    RPUT will never overwrite existing values in the SIS Marksheet.

  3. RPUT will produce a new Marksheet .csv with Grade & Mark columns populated from the Gradebook.

    The new .csv is saved in a processed folder relative to the source SIS file with _PROCESSED added to the file name (e.g. COMP101_S2.csv will produce a new file named COMP101_S2_PROCESSED.csv).

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