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Setting up a video assignment is very similar to setting up an assignment for file submissions. These instructions outline the settings that make video assignments as student-friendly as possible. Depending on students' familiarity with submitting video assignments, a practice upload of a video to a forum etc can be useful for checking their upload and embed process. Direct students to FLO Student Support for help submitting video assignments.

The best experience for students doing video assignments is for you to design the assignment submission so that students submit their video using My Media, which is part of Kaltura (the online video platform in FLO). Unlike the standard file upload option in FLO, My Media doesn't have a file size upload limit, so students won't need to compress their video files before submitting. Having to compress their video can affect the graphics and sound quality, which may make it difficult for you when watching and marking their video. Using My Media means that students will be able to provide a higher quality video file, and won't need to go through the additional stress of using a compression software prior to submission. 

Uploading to My Media can still take a little while if students have produced full-HD or very high resolution videos (which they tend to do when filming on mobile devices and/or using modern video editing software), so please encourage students to allow plenty of time for uploading and submitting. For example, testing on a high-speed home internet network and on the University network showed that uploading a 2GB video took around 20–30 minutes. Upload times depend on the speed of the internet connection students are using. 

Create a video assignment

Create an assignment (for file submissions) and make the following adjustments to the settings.

General settings

In the Description section, outline your assignment requirements for the video/s you want students to create including relevant privacy considerations. Include a link to the help documentation for students located in the FLO Student Support site: Assignment Submission > Video assignments.

General settings

Submission types settings

Essential step: Tick to enable the Online text submission type. Students will submit their video by embedding it from their My Media using the text editor. If students are only required to submit a video, you should also untick File submissions

Submission types setting for online text 

Optional step: If students also need to submit a text document or other additional files along with their video, you will need to select File submissions and restrict the accepted file types. It's recommended that you untick any video file types, as this will ensure students can't upload their video via this method (rather than via embedding from My Media).

Submission types settings for file types

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