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MyMedia iconThis entry relates to Kaltura, the video platform in FLO, and the analytics available in the topic Media Vault, where you can review student engagement with your topic video content.

If you'd like insights into how your students are using video content in your topic, the analytics available in the topic Media Vault can be very useful. 

These topic-wide analytics are only available if you publish your videos from your My Media into the Media Vault before embedding them into teaching activities. You can do this quickly and easily when you upload a video to FLO (see entry: upload to FLO), or if you didn't publish it to the topic Media Vault when you uploaded, you can do this from within My Media or from the Media Vault at any time after uploading. (see entry: Media Vault).

Access the Media Vault analytics

  1. Open your topic (each Media Vault is linked with a topic, so you must be in the topic to access it). In the menu bar across the top of screen, open the Navigation menu. You may need to scroll down to find the Media Vault link, as it's the very last item after all modules. Click it to open.
    Open media vault from FLO menu

  2. In the Media Vault, open the menu icon in the top right, then select Analytics.
    open menu select Analytics

  3. Select the time period for which you want to view the analytics. The default is the last 60 days, but you can click the drop-down menu to select a different time period. Note: the analytics currently have a short delay; they are updated every 12 hours rather than in real time. 
    select analtyics time period

You can then use each of the tabs to explore the available analytics, as explained below. 

The Dashboard tab

The dashboard gives you a snapshot of the topic overall, including which of your videos are most watched, which students are the most engaged with the video content, etc. Note that this does not include how many times a video has been downloaded.

Media vault analytics dashboard


The Media tab

This tab provides more detailed analytics for each video in the topic Media Vault. Useful insights include:

  • the number of plays in channel - useful to see whether its been viewed by the majority of students in the topic. More plays in channel than the total number of students enrolled means they're watching it multiple times. 
    Note: "Plays in channel" refers to the number of plays in this topic, whereas total plays shows all plays for the video across the whole of FLO (ie if it's used in multiple topics)
  • the average drop-off rate - i.e what percentage of students stop watching before the end of the video?
  • the average view duration: how much of the total video duration are students watching? 

Media vault analytics media summary

You can also click the arrow on the left of each video title to see additional watch statistics for that video. 
Media vault media details

The Engagement tab

The engagement tab shows the viewing and upload activity of each student in the topic. This information could potentially help you understand trends in student performance. 

You'll see the list of enrolled students with their overall viewing and upload stats. Note that this does not included how many times a video has been downloaded.

Media vault analytics enaggement summary

You can also click the arrow on the left of each student name to see additional engagement statistics. This will show which videos they have viewed and what percentage of the video they did not watch (view drop off - a 0% drop-off  means the student has watched the video in full each time they have viewed it)

Media vault analytics engagement details

The Contribution tab

This shows you a summary of which users have uploaded media content into the topic Media Vault (includes teaching staff and students).

Media vault analytics contribution tab

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