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MyMedia iconThis entry relates to Kaltura, the video platform in FLO, and the analytics available in the topic Media Vault, where you can review student engagement with your topic video content.

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Using analytics to support student learning

If you'd like insights into how your students are using video content in your topic, the analytics available in the topic Media Vault can be very useful. 

These topic-wide analytics are only available if you publish your videos from your My Media into the Media Vault before embedding them into teaching activities. You can do this quickly and easily when you upload a video to FLO (see entry: upload to FLO), or if you didn't publish it to the topic Media Vault when you uploaded, you can do this from within My Media or from the Media Vault at any time after uploading. (see entry: Media Vault).

Access the Media Vault analytics

  1. Open your topic (each Media Vault is linked with a topic, so you must be in the topic to access it). Click the hamburger menu icon on the top left corner of your screen if the navigation menu is not showing. You may need to scroll down to find the Media Vault link, as it's the very last item after all modules. Click it to open.
    Open media vault from FLO menu

  2. In the Media Vault, open the menu icon in the top right, then select Analytics.
    open menu select Analytics

  3. The Kaltura Analytics dashboard can be used to explore usage in different time periods and even compare between different periods. You can also filter based on a variety of parameters, including tags and media type. To learn more see Working with the Category Analytics Dashboard. Note: the analytics currently have a short delay; they are updated every 12 hours rather than in real time. 
    ① Use the date picker at the top of the dashboard to change the timeframe and view data across different periods. You can select preset time periods or choose specific dates.
    ② Compare different time periods to better understand your data considering seasonality and changes in usage following adoption of new tools and capabilities.
    ③ Click Filter drop down menu to access more filter options, such as Media Type (whether the media is video, audio)or Entry Source (whether the media was uploaded from the owner's computer/device or Kaltura Capture)

    select analtyics time period

You can then explore the available analytics in each panel.


Highlights displays a snapshot of the important metrics for the selected time-frame.

Media vault analytics dashboard

Category Page Views

It shows the usability of content that may have been shared in other topics. For example, the following analytics shows 219 plays are from this topic and the rest of the plays are from the same content played in other topics. Click “Filter” to view the analytics for the selected topic.

Media vault analytics media summary

Top Videos

The top videos are selected based on a unique algorithm that takes into consideration parameters such as the amount of plays, unique viewers, and average view period and scores them in comparison to other videos in the account. Click “See Details” to display the “Top Videos“ graph.

Media vault analytics enaggement summary

Top Viewers

This panel displays the users sorted by plays count. Click “See Details” to open the Top Viewers metrics.

Media vault analytics contribution tab


It contains information about the user's habits, such as geographical distribution by plays, on what domains and devices users usually watch videos.

Media vault analytics contribution tab

Category Performance Over Time

To explore the trends of the content across all topics over time. Click “Filter” in category view filter to view the analytics for only the selected topic. The graph reviews the following key metrics:

  • Number of player impressions - A player impression event is counted each time the player is loaded on the page
  • Number of plays - A play is counted when a user clicks the Play button to watch a video. 
  • Number of Unique Viewers - Number of Unique Users that had an active viewing action during the time period. 
  • Number of Minutes Viewed - Minutes played across all viewers. 
  • Average Drop Off Rate -The average percentage of drop-off quartile across all plays. Example: If a user once watched 20% of the video and the second time watched 80% of the video, the calculation will be: (0+75)/2 plays = 37.5% Avg. Drop Off Rate. 
  • Average completion rate - Average percentage of completion, across all plays. Example: If a user once watched 20% of the video and the second time watched 80% of the video, the calculation will be: (20+80)/2 plays = 50% Avg. Completion Rate.
Note: If users are scrolling forward, you might see high average drop off rate and low average completion rate. Example: We have a 40 minutes video (each quartile is 10 minutes long). User is playing back the video and scrolls forward to minute 29 and plays the video for 2 minutes (up to minute 31). As the 75% mark is at minute 30, the player reports that the user hit the 75% quartile. While in fact, the user only completed 2 minutes of the entire video (2/40=5% completion rate).

You can view the data for each metric in daily or monthly granularity. Hover over any point in the graph to see the detailed data. You can also compare to another metric by selecting users, entries or dates view from the drop down list.

Media vault analytics contribution tab

Top Videos Details

By clicking on "See Details" in the Top Videos section at the top you can see an in-depth analysis of all the content that was viewed across topics. Click “Filter” in category view filter to view the analytics for only the selected topic.

Media vault analytics contribution tab

Top countries

The Top Countries panel ranks the geographical distribution by plays. The heatmap shows the countries, the darker the shade, the more plays for that country. The table ranks the countries by plays and also shows plays distribution compared to total number of plays.

You can drill down to region by selecting a country on the map or from the table. Select a region to drill down to cities.

Media vault analytics contribution tab

Devices Overview

The Devices Overview graph displays the distribution of devices usage by plays. You can see on which device viewers watched the content.

Media vault analytics contribution tab

Top Domains

The top domains are ordered by domains that had the most number of plays in the selected time frame. You can also drill down to a specific domain to see all the URLs under that domain and the same metrics in a more granular view.

Media vault analytics contribution tab

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