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MyMedia iconThis entry relates to Kaltura, the video platform in FLO, and its topic Media Vault available in each topic, where your videos can be stored and shared with others for use in topic activities.    


What's the topic Media Vault and how is it different to My Media?

Both My Media and the topic Media Vault are part of Kaltura, the video hosting platform in FLO. Each FLO topic has its own topic Media Vault, which is only visible to teaching staff in the topic. The topic Media Vault is different to your personal My Media repository, which only you can access. Once you've uploaded your video to My Media, you can publish it to a topic Media Vault (or multiple topic vaults), where its accessible to any staff who have an editing role in the topic. That means that anyone in the teaching team can embed the video into topic teaching activities, and do things like adding captions, viewing video analytics and more. 

When you publish a video from your personal My Media repository into a topic Media Vault, the video isn't cloned or copied. What actually happens is that behind the scenes, the system creates a link to the original video that's in your My Media. The benefit of this is that if you edit, replace, or update the video in your My Media repository, the changes take effect in the linked video in each topic Media Vault too, meaning you don't have to maintain multiple versions of the video in multiple places in FLO. 

Adding videos to the topic Media Vault is useful for managing video, particularly in the following scenarios:

  • When topic rollovers happen at the end of each study period, any videos you've embedded in FLO teaching activities from your My Media will carry across as is into the future versions of the topic. But, if you or another member of the teaching team delete the activity in which the video is embedded, only the owner of the media (i.e. you) has access to the video and can re-embed it from their My Media. If you've left the teaching team, it may mean the resource needs to be recovered from the system backend (college eLearning teams would need to do this) However, if you've added to the topic Media Vault, any member of the teaching team can access and re-embed it, even if you're no longer teaching in the topic. 
  • Once videos are added to a topic Media Vault, that entire collection of media can be bulk imported into a Media Vault for another topic. Great for easy sharing across multiple topic availabilities, or topics with similar curriculum. Ask your eLearning team for support to explore this option. 
  • If you have lots of video content and you teach into multiple topics, your My Media repository can get very full, and over time it may get harder to see which videos belong in which topic. If you publish to the topic Media Vault, it's easier to collate and sort all the videos before you embedding them into topic activities. It also enables the whole teaching team to do things like embed the video or add captions, rather than you being the only 'owner' of the video who can do that work. 

  • The Video Analytics available in Media Vault give you a richer overview of how students are engaging with all video content across the entire topic, rather than the individual video analytics provided in your My Media. 

Find the topic Media Vault

  1. Open your topic (each Media Vault is linked with a topic, so you must be in the topic to access it).

  2. From the Navigation drawer on the left (open the drawer if it is closed), go down to find the Media Vault link and click it to open (it's the very last item after all the modules). 

    Navigation menu

Publish videos to a topic Media Vault

There are several ways to publish videos to a topic Media Vault. 

Option 1. The quickest, easiest method: Do it when you upload

When you upload a video to FLO, you can just publish to the topic Media Vault as part of the upload steps. No extra work, just a couple of clicks. For instructions, refer to the entry: upload a video to FLO.

Option 2. Any time after uploading, publish to the topic Media Vault

If you didn't publish a video to topic Media Vault during the upload process, you can still do so at any time. 

  1. From the FLO menu bar across the top of screen, open the drop-down menu next to your profile picture and click My Media.

    Flo menu my  media

  2. You'll see your list of uploaded videos. Tick to select one or more videos. Click Actions> Publish, then select the topic/s you want to add it to, and click Save changes. The videos will be added to the topic/s Media Vault.

    Publish from My Media

    Alternatively, if you are previewing a video in My Media you can find the Actions link under the bottom-right corner of the video.

Option 3. From within the topic Media Vault, 'add' the video from My Media (videos must be uploaded to My Media already). 

  1. Open the topic Media Vault. To find the Media Vault, go to the Navigation menu and scroll to the bottom and select Media Vault

  2. Click Add Media to open your personal My Media repository. 

    Add media

  3. From your list of videos in My Media, select any you want to add to the vault, then click Publish.

Option 4. For adding libraries of third-party videos, for example clips from an online textbook or online video learning provider, please contact your eLearning team

What can I and other teaching team members do with the videos in the vault? 

Once videos are in the vault, the teaching team has shared use of the videos. All of you can use, share and administer those videos. This includes helpful things like:

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