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Audio can be a powerful tool to use, allowing you to convey information in a more personable way, or allowing students to improve their language skills by listening to native speakers. 

You can record short snips of audio (up to two minutes in length) inside FLO, and add them to any page, label, book, forum, or any activity’s description. Note that this feature is not available when marking assignments.

1. Plan

The two-minute time limit encourages concise and succinct communication, so some planning can be helpful if you are unsure of the length of what you are going to say. You may also want to look at information online on how to communicate concisely.

If your audio will not fit under two minutes, you can use My Media to upload longer audio files, or upload a video.

2. Build

  1. Create or edit the activity (eg forum post) or resource (Label, Page etc). Click on the microphone icon in the text editorclick on the microphone button to record audio

  2. Click on the Start recording button
    Start recording button

    You may be asked to approve FLO accessing your computer’s microphone – you will need to give FLO permission for this to work. You may also be given an option about which microphone to choose – generally the option it picks is the correct (or only) option

    The permission window on Firefox, at March 2019
    Permission window in Firefox (in March 2019)

  3. FLO will start recording immediately. When you have finished speaking, press the Stop recording button. You will have a chance to listen to your audio. If you are happy with what you’ve said, select Attach recording. Otherwise you can select Record again to try again

    An option to listen to your audio, followed by a button to rerecord your audio, then a button to upload (attach) your recording

3. Review

Once you've attached your recording and saved your activity (eg forum post), your recording will appear like this:
The audio player in a forum post, between two paragraphs.

  Training and support


Contact your eLearning support team for support.

There are no identified issues with audio recorder.

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